Trapped Under Goats.


Estate Planning 101

My hamster doesn’t seem to like me very much.

I have never seen How to Train Your Dragon.

I can see a great opportunity to learn some transferable skills.


Rigsby & Cho

3.04   “Red Carpet Treatmen”

Star Wars Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983)

Scratch one more to the body count.

Scratch one more to the body count.


Dave Beasley and Joe Johnston working on the Y-Wing models for Star Wars, and Joe Johnston’s revised Y-Wing sketch.


I laughed so hard no sound came out

Buying cold and flu medicine on my lunch break.

Gonna kill this shit

What is even going on what is an appropriate level of concern.


Artist Chris McMahon buys other people’s landscape paintings at thrift stores and puts monsters in them.

Previously: Artist Repaints His Own Childhood Drawings

Blurry hands.

Blurry hands.

"Just give me all the bacon and eggs you have."